Subversion Client for Mac

Versions² offers the best way to work with
Subversion on the Mac. Thanks to its clear-cut
approach, you'll hit the ground running.

Versions' award winning interface lets you unravel any Subversion project in seconds.

  • Developers
    Collaborate seamlessly on multiple projects and enjoy the full power of a simple to use version control system.
  • Designers
    Easily revert to previous versions of artwork and keep a full history of your work.
  • Managers
    Keep tabs on the progress of all projects and easily integrate with ticketing systems.
  • Editors
    Experiment! Change first person to third? Change the point of view? Track changes on anything, from anyone, at any time.

New to Subversion?

Don't panic. Versions makes Subversion easy. Even if you're new to version control systems altogether. Commit your work, stay up to date, and easily track changes to your files. All from Versions' pleasant, true to the Mac interface.

Why Version Control instead of Dropbox?

File syncing services work well for sharing files, but they are not meant for two people editing the same file. With Version Control one person changing a file can never unknowingly overwrite changes made by another person.

New in Versions²
Fresh UI

Fresh macOS Look & Feel

Versions received the first bold user interface refresh in 10 years. From a new app icon, a re­vamped tool­bar to support for the gor­geous Dark Appearance, Versions² fully embraces macOS Ventura.

Inline Actions

Inline Actions

While Subversion offers many features, your typical workday consists of only executing the same few actions over. Versions² offers those, right when you need them, right where you need them.

Apple M1 Chip

Native on Apple silicon

Versions² is optimized for smooth operation on new Macs with M2 or M1 chip and also includes the latest Subversion libraries.

Working Copy View

  • New: Convenient inline buttons offering the most frequent actions, right there when you need them.
  • Support for all common Subversion commands
  • Single click to compare local changes
  • Or compare any two revisions of a file
  • Show all files and folders, or changes only
  • Revert to a specific revision
  • View or ignore remote updates
  • Lock and unlock from the Browse view
  • Set svn:ignore and other properties


  • Clear overview of all revisions by date With author names and lists of changed items
  • Automatically link ticket numbers In commit messages to your issue tracker
  • Click any changed file to see a comparison
  • View as many revisions as you like

Repository View

  • Browse and manipulate repositories Without checking them out
  • Drag & drop folders within a repository To move or copy them
  • Drag in a file or folder from the Finder To import it, and out to export it
  • Easily set file and folder properties
  • Browse any previous revision
  • Checkout and export from any revision
  • Double-click any file to open a copy
Working with Subversion

Your repository is the central spot for all of your project's files. To work on them, you checkout a local working copy to your Mac. There can be many working copies per repository.


A working copy looks just like any regular folder. You can make sub-folders in it and use any applications you want to create and edit files in there. Text, images, code, anything goes.


When you're happy with your work, you commit it. This creates a new revision in the repository. You can also add new files, and delete files to remove them from the repository.


After you commit, everyone in your team can see the new revision, and update their working copies to get the latest changes. Later, it's also easy to figure out who commited what and when.


Keep it clear with Versions' polished interface. Quickly scan through revisions and review commit logs, added, deleted and modified files in the Timeline. Work on your working copies in the Browse view and instantly see the status of every file and folder. Review local changes with your favorite file comparison app and commit, update and revert with ease.


Versions puts the power of Subversion at your fingertips. Heading back in time to revert to an earlier revision? Done. Trying to figure out who changed that line of code? Also done. Want to lock some files to prevent conflicts, or need to see every revision they're changed in? Double done. When you are ready, all of the advanced features you need are waiting for you.

Awards & Customers
We recently switched to Versions/SVN and we love it. In a way, it saved our studio
Oliver Ruhm, Interface Designer


  • Supports all SVN protocols http://, https://, svn://, svn+ssh:// and file://
  • Integrates with the macOS keychain
  • No SSH key pairs needed for svn+ssh
  • Supports SASL authentication
  • Supports HTTP(S) proxies
  • Notifications for completed actions

Easy Setup

  • Drag in to bookmark Working copies, repositories and URLs
  • Organize your bookmarks To repositories and working copies
  • Easily set up a hosted or local repository
  • Integrates with Kaleidoscope, FileMerge, BBEdit and other file comparison apps As well as custom comparison scripts
  • Comprehensive built-in Help


  • Intel or Apple silicon based Mac
  • macOS 10.15 or later, macOS Ventura (13.1) or later recommended
  • Subversion built-in, no need to install anything else
  • To view file comparisons: Kaleidoscope or another comparison app

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