Do I have to pay again for Versions²?
Versions² is a paid upgrade. You can upgrade for free if you purchased a license on Nov 1, 2020 or later. Longer time users get a 50% upgrade discount. Check your license code at the upgrade page.
Why would I want to upgrade to Versions²?
There are many good reasons, some of them are:
  • Owner of a new M1-based Mac? Versions² is ready for Apple silicon.
  • Using macOS Monterey or Big Sur? Versions² perfectly fits the new look.
  • Versions² supports the Dark Appearance of macOS.
  • If you want Versions to exist in the future, we need your support.
Can I continue using Versions 1.x?
Of course you can. Version 1.4.4 works just fine on macOS Big Sur (we tested up to version 11.3.1). In case you no longer have the older app, download it from here.
Do you have a volume/site license option?
Yes, we do. Send us an email describing your license needs, and we will get back to you shortly.
I'm a student, is there an academic discount?
Yes, you can buy Versions for USD59. Send us email, including some proof of your status.
I purchased Versions, where's my serial number?
Make sure you check your spam or junk mail folder, look for an email with the subject: “Your Versions License”.
Subversion error 210002 occurred. What does that mean?
A connection error occurred. Check your internet connection, and check that your URL, username and password are all correct.
Why do I need to accept a certificate? What is this?
Certificates are required to validate that a connection is really secure. You are seeing this message because macOS cannot automatically validate a specific certificate as being trusted. That happens on certain macOS versions in combination with specific certificate providers, like Let's Encrypt/R3. Please run Software Update to install the latest macOS version. If the issue persists, you can either trust the certificate yourself (by clicking one of the Accept buttons) or talk to the provider of your subversion repository about the issue.
Does Versions have Git support, will it ever?
No, it doesn't. We are keeping an eye on git and other distributed systems, but don't plan to support them in Versions.
Does Versions use the copy of SVN installed on my Mac?
No, Versions comes with its own copy of Subversion.
How can I use Versions to merge?
Right now, there's no way to merge changes between branches in Versions.
I bought Versions from Sofa on the Mac App Store.
Contact support to transfer your Sofa license to our direct download version.
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